ATMOS 2014
September 11, Wrocław, Poland

ATMOS 2014 Accepted Papers

  • Markus Reuther, Ralf Borndoerfer and Thomas Schlechte
    A Coarse-To-Fine Approach to the Railway Rolling Stock Rotation Problem
  • Vianney Boeuf and Frédéric Meunier
    Online Train Shunting
  • Ward Passchyn, Dirk Briskorn and Frits C. R. Spieksma
    Mathematical programming models for scheduling locks in sequence
  • Julian Dibbelt, Ben Strasser and Dorothea Wagner
    Delay-Robust Journeys in Timetable Networks with Minimum Expected Arrival Time
  • Alessio Cionini, Gianlorenzo D'Angelo, Mattia D'Emidio, Daniele Frigioni, Kalliopi Giannakopoulou, Andreas Paraskevopoulos and Christos Zaroliagis
    Engineering Graph-Based Models for Dynamic Timetable Information Systems
  • Martin Lemnian, Ralf Rückert, Steffen Rechner, Christoph Blendinger and Matthias Müller-Hannemann
    Timing of Train Disposition: Towards Early Passenger Rerouting in Case of Delays
  • Esther Arkin, Paz Carmi, Matthew Katz, Joseph Mitchell and Michael Segal
    Locating Battery Charging Stations to Facilitate Almost Shortest Paths
  • Tim Nonner and Marco Laumanns
    Shortest Path with Alternatives for Uniform Arrival Times: Algorithms and Experiments
  • Markus Reuther
    Local Search for the Resource Constrained Assignment Problem
  • Moritz Baum, Julian Dibbelt, Lorenz Hübschle-Schneider, Thomas Pajor and Dorothea Wagner
    Speed-Consumption Tradeoff for Electric Vehicle Route Planning
  • Alicia De-Los-Santos, Gilbert Laporte, Juan A. Mesa and Federico Perea
    Simultaneous frequency and capacity setting for rapid transit systems with a competing mode and capacity constraints