IPEC 2014
September 10–12, Wrocław, Poland

IPEC 2014 Accepted Papers

  • Marthe Bonamy and Lukasz Kowalik
    A 14k-kernel for Planar Feedback Vertex Set via Region Decomposition
  • Petr Golovach
    Editing to a Graph of Given Degrees
  • Julien Baste and Ignasi Sau
    The role of planarity in connectivity problems parameterized by treewidth
  • Gregory Gutin, Stefan Kratsch and Magnus Wahlström
    Polynomial Kernels and User Reductions for the Workflow Satisfiability Problem
  • Vuong Anh Quyen and Stefan Kratsch
    On kernels for covering and packing ILPs with small coefficients
  • Henry Perret Du Cray and Ignasi Sau
    Improved FPT algorithms for weighted independent set in bull-free graphs
  • Tatsuya Akutsu, Jesper Jansson, Atsuhiro Takasu and Takeyuki Tamura
    On the Parameterized Complexity of Associative and Commutative Unification
  • Mathieu Chapelle, Manfred Cochefert, Dieter Kratsch, Romain Letourneur and Mathieu Liedloff
    Exact Exponential Algorithms to Find a Tropical Connected Set of Minimum Size
  • V. Arvind, Johannes Köbler, Sebastian Kuhnert and Jacobo Torán
    Solving Linear Equations Parameterized by Hamming Weight
  • Simone Bova, Robert Ganian and Stefan Szeider
    Quantified Conjunctive Queries on Partially Ordered Sets
  • Paul Bonsma, Amer Mouawad, Naomi Nishimura and Venkatesh Raman
    The Complexity of Bounded Length Graph Recoloring and CSP Reconfiguration
  • Amer Mouawad, Naomi Nishimura, Venkatesh Raman and Marcin Wrochna
    Reconfiguration over tree decompositions
  • Patrick Traxler
    The Relative Exponential Time Complexity of Approximate Counting Satisfying Assignments
  • Ran Ben-Basat, Ariel Gabizon and Meirav Zehavi
    The $k$-Distinct Language: Parameterized Automata Constructions
  • Jannis Bulian and Anuj Dawar
    Graph Isomorphism Parameterized by Elimination Distance to Bounded Degree
  • Holger Dell
    AND-compression of NP-complete problems: Streamlined proof and minor observations
  • Igor Razgon
    No small nondeterministic read-once branching programs for CNFs of bounded treewidth
  • Vikraman Arvind and Gaurav Rattan
    The Parameterized Complexity of Geometric Graph Isomorphism
  • Ron Y. Pinter, Hadas Shachnai and Meirav Zehavi
    Improved Parameterized Algorithms for Network Query Problems
  • Jan Obdrzalek, Jakub Gajarský, Felix Reidl, Peter Rossmanith, Fernando Sanchez Villaamil, Somnath Sikdar and Sebastian Ordyniak
    Finite Integer Index of Pathwidth and Treewidth
  • Janka Chlebikova and Morgan Chopin
    The Firefighter Problem: A Structural Analysis
  • N.R. Aravind, R.B. Sandeep and Naveen Sivadasan
    On Polynomial Kernelization of H-free Edge Deletion
  • Cristina Bazgan and André Nichterlein
    Parameterized Inapproximability of Degree Anonymization
  • Sebastian Ordyniak and Alexandru Popa
    A Parameterized Study of Maximum Generalized Pattern Matching Problems
  • Matthew Johnson, Dieter Kratsch, Stefan Kratsch, Viresh Patel and Daniel Paulusma
    Finding Shortest Paths between Graph Colourings
  • Zoltán Király
    Shortest Paths in Nearly Conservative Digraphs
  • Rajesh Chitnis, Hossein Esfandiari, Mohammadtaghi Hajiaghayi, Rohit Khandekar, Guy Kortsarz and Saeedreza Seddighin
    A Tight Algorithm for Strongly Connected Steiner Subgraph On Two Terminals With Demands