ALGO 2014
September 8–12, Wrocław, Poland



The conference will be held at the Institute of Computer Science, University of Wrocław. Its Polish name is "Instytut Informatyki UWr" or "Instytut Informatyki Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego" and the postal address is Joliot-Curie 15, PL-50-383 Wrocław, Poland.

By plane

You need to take a flight to Wrocław (WRO). (There is a new terminal (built for EURO 2012) of an international airport). There are a few daily direct flights from/to Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, and Warsaw, as well as a lot of low-cost connections to many European cities (including London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Oslo, etc.). Consult a route map.

Please keep in mind that ALGO overlaps in time with Wratislavia Cantans (international festival) and 2014 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship, and hence plane tickets might be more expensive later. Book early.

The easiest way to get from the airport to the city center is to take a taxi (see below). There is also a city bus line 406 from the airport to the railway station; the bus stop is located just outside the terminal. The bus travels about half an hour and departs every 20 minutes during the day; the last bus departs around 23:15. The airport is the first and the railway station is the last stop of this line. From the railway station, take the tram 0L to Institute of Computer Science or appropriate means of transport to the hotel. See the section on public transport.

There are also some car rental agencies at the airport. Please keep in mind that it is usually quite hard to park a car in Wrocław city center.

By car

If you live in central Europe you may consider driving to Wrocław. Wrocław is well connected by motorways with Germany, e.g., it is 3 hours drive from Dresden (260 km) and a bit more from Berlin (310 km). It is however quite poorly connected (no motorways or freeways) to Warsaw or Prague.

By train

Wrocław's main railway station is located in city center. Information about connections can be obtained from the site of PKP or Deutsche Bahn (the name of the main railway station is "Wrocław Główny", where "główny" stands for "main"). The premium level trains (EIC, EC) are generally trustworthy and onboard service is good (they usually speak English, tickets can be bought on board using credit card, etc.). Train standard and service quality varies greatly on other types of trains. From the railway station you may take a taxi, use public transport (tram OL to the Institute of Computer Science, where the conference is held), or simply take a walk (20-30 minutes to the city center (hotels), 30 minutes to the Institute).


Most of the cabs in Wrocław belong to corporations, each characterized by its 5-digit phone number. For example, there is MPT Taxi (19191) a large and trustworthy company, and Radio Taxi Serc (19629) that accepts credit card payments in all cabs. (When calling, use Wrocław's prefix "+48 71" before the actual number, i.e., call +48 71 19191 or +48 71 19629.) Those "legal" taxis, clearly marked as taxis (they usually have a neon on the cab roof and a yellow tag on the door) are safe. Their prices are more or less the same: expect to pay 40-50 PLN for a travel from the airport to the Institute of Computer Science or to the hotel and 20-30 PLN for a travel from the railway station. Add 50% on top of that if you travel on Sunday or in the night (11pm-6am).

Do not take unmarked taxis, don’t accept any offers from drivers in the arrival hall, just go out of the terminal or railway station and select a legal taxi.

Public transport

We recommend using the webapp for finding your route with public transport. (There are also mobile versions, but they need data connection.) The interface is in English, however the names are in Polish (the app understands a few equivalents like "airport" or "railway", though). A few Polish names of point of interests are: "Wrocław-Strachowice Airport (Wrocław)" (Wrocław airport), "Dworzec PKP Wrocław Główny" (main railway station), "Instytut Informatyki UWr" (conference venue).

The single-fare ticket costs 3 PLN. There are also time-restricted tickets (30-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute) valid for all means of transport (all buses and trams) for a given period. If you intend to travel a lot, consider 24-hour (11 PLN) or 168-hour (46 PLN) tickets. Bus/tram tickets can be bought in the ticket machines at bus stops (with credit/debit cards or cash). In many buses (especially in 406 line) there are also ticket machines inside buses (credit/debit cards capable of PIN-less (offline) authorization only. Remember to validate a ticket (also if you buy it in the bus).

A few tips


Polish currency is officially called PLN, although usually you will find the name "zł". For cash, you will find ATM on almost every street corner (24 hours a day). For money exchange it is better to use places located in the city rather than those at the airport. There are a few ATMs and an money exchange office near the Institute.

Credit cards are accepted in most shops, hotels and restaurants (there is usually a minimum amount of 10 or 20 PLN). In some places (taxis, restaurants) it is customary to leave a tip (5-15%) — a service charge is never included in the price. Unless you are eating in a good restaurant, do not try to give a tip with a credit card: the waiter/waitress would almost never know how to handle it.

Opening hours

Most stores are open from 9 am till late, even till 10 pm. Brand petrol stations are open 24h a day; you may buy some basic food there (beverages, sandwiches, coffee, hygienic products, alcohol). For more details see, e.g., this article.


Wrocław is a very safe place: violent crimes are extremely rare. That said, pickpocketing happens and you should not leave your belongings unattended, especially in pubs or public transport.

Wrocław is placed on 12 islands and it has more bridges than any other European town except Venice, Amsterdam and Hamburg.

There are some larger events organized in the city during ALGO, most notably Wratislavia Cantans (international festival) and 2014 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship.


A map showing the conference venue, the airport, the main railway station, and hotels from the accomodation page is given below.

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